About Us

Children’s Science Centre, Indore.(M.P.) is a voluntary organization formed to popularize Science and Technology among the children and the youth in order to make Science a common goal for the mass. The Centre provides ample opportunities for the children to participate in different scientific and educational activities and know about the day to day advancement in the field of Science and Technology.

Children, all over the world, are full of vivid imagination and we cannot expect an affluent society and hopeful future in our country, with abundant natural resources, without a fruitful growth of young brains, creative power of students, youth and children who will shoulder the responsibilities of the forthcoming generations

With an objective of providing opportunities of the students to pursue and implement their own Scientific skills Children’s Science Club was started on 8th Feb. 1993.The Club produced many useful exhibits of high practical value with least expenses. The Club participated in the exhibitions of Regional, State and national level at different places like Bhopal, Delhi, Aligarh, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hariyana, Bihar etc. The exhibites were highly appreciated for their originality and skills.

This scientific innovative spirit spread to many other young people. The daily activities of the Club was also increased. On 8th Feb. 1997, the club was renamed as Children’s Science centre, Indore. with an objective of popularizing the scientific attitude among rural mass. Children and youth, the centre increased its activities in multi folds. The centre apart from inculcating the scientific temper among the mass, it aims at the development of nation and welfare of the Society through Scientific knowledge.


  • Advance & disseminate learning & knowledge through diverse means.
  • Popularization of Science & Technology.
  • Provide opportunities for scientific temper to a large section of the society.
  • To spread scientific temper and provide opportunity to students, youth and children to work on science projects.
  • To bring Social and Scientific development among the downtrodden people.
  • To encourage & honor educationists and eminent scientists for their Science & Technology innovations.
  • Protection of environment.
  •  To end the faith of common people from superstitious magics.
  • Sports and Youth development.


  • School Students
  • College / University Students
  • Common Public


  • Education / Technical Institutions.
  • Govt. & Non Govt. Organisation.


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